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Bizgen Australia

'Business Ideas Generator™. Generating solutions by design.'

Solutions: The word which describes our raison d'etre - our "reason for existence".

Succinctly; we provide extensive marketing, business-development and advertising solutions. If not by us in-house, at a lower cost to you, then alternatively, through an extensive network of associates, across all disciplines - producing high-quality work.

'bizgen' will





Core services and functions



By outsourcing some. or all of these functions - you will only pay for the time and products you use.

Our services, as a legitimate cost of running your business, may provide additional tax benefits to you.

When you use bizgen, you also buy objectivity.

Clarity, without the confusion and 'static' of old beliefs, office politics; or the less-than-ideal results - sometimes created by your own inexperienced team-members, who are most likely tasked with other pressing responsibilities.

We make your needs the focus and priority.

Business development

We can help you look for ways to grow your business, find new revenue-streams, or achievable cost savings. This may be as simple as an outside appraisal of your current operation, or suggesting products and services which can make you, or your people, more productive.


Before you take the plunge and invest in a course of action, you might want to prototype, test, compare or protect your product or ideas. Time spent here - could mean the difference between success or failure. And, it is much cheaper than a full-commitment.

We can provide ideas for visual mock-ups of a whole range of things, like office layouts, packaging or company logos. With over 30 years in media - across all distribution platforms and channels, including digital; we can help you with publishing, broadcast, or social media solutions. Sometimes, the most sophisticated and elegant solution is the least complicated.

You can still look big on a budget

Advertising (design and placement)  

Brand management

Campaigns (including broadcast media)

Commercial printing (via affiliates)

Copy-writing Digital media

Economic and corporate strategic planning          


Freelance journalism  

Graphic design: - logos - signage - branding

Information technology matters  

Intellectual property [IP] matters

Logo-type/logograms etc   


Marketing and business coaching   

Photography - custom or stock images

Photography (but not weddings) 

Printing and publishing

Product mock-up and R&D 

Public Relations – for crises – events – special projects

Representation and management 

Stock photography and graphic art [and affiliates]

Technology and Communications Tools and Apps to maximise productivity

Video production

Visual standards' documentation Information 

"We can help you look for opportunities and solutions with problems." 

Challenge of competition and change

In the information and digital age, the changing business environment has closed some industries and created new ones.

Almost all, have had to undergo changes, to meet the challenges of new threats or opportunities to their business-models. This includes the auto-makers, technology companies, the media, movies, retail and manufacturing – have all faced, and continue to face major 'disruptive' changes.

Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. Because, Bizgen thrives on innovation and creativity - utilising skilled people, assets and resources to help you succeed.

Let's have a chat: call 0413 282228, or please, leave your details with us, in the form on the 'Contact' page/tab  - via the button below, or use our Facebook link.

Yours faithfully,

Darrell Morrison, AMAMI
Dip. Management. Dip. Marketing, and
Small Business Management [RMIT] Principal

*Associate Member, Australian Marketing Institute.

Creative resources

New release Moon Deck video written and produced by Bizgen Australia, edited by Peter Corbett, Powerhouse Productions.


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