New PowerPELMET™

PowerPELMET™ is now secured by Australian Patent #2018100302; so we are free to talk about it, and look to partners and licensees for commercialisation opportunities, to help Australians save on their ever-growing power bills.

Added to that, some excellent improvements on the centuries-old design and the road ahead looks warm and bright.

If you are a manufacturer, materials supplier, VC, or other interested SME, scientific, academic, NGO, or government entity - this is the first glimpse.

Suppliers can boost their output of recyclables by integrating their material into the PowerPELMET™ Progressive developers and innovators can also use PowerPELMET™ to deliver their IP to market. Governments and energy utilities benefit from the cumulative benefits of the technology. Contact - Darrell S. Morrison on +51 +0413 282228 to discuss.

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