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POLITICAL Parties with a revolutionary stance on the future of Australian democracy, the Smashed Avocado Party [SAP] and the Australian Progressives [Ap] are joining to strengthen the emerging
collective opposition to the old two-party preferred system.

The Smashed Avocado Party appeals to young Australians tired of the ineptitude, self-serving interests and selfish party politics that have corrupted our parliament to the point of crisis.

The Australian Progressives’ ethos based on the advancement of an empathetic society - one in which all Australians can reach their chosen potential and find fulfilment in their lives within a growing environment. A culture that evolves and is inclusive.

The two ideologically similar groups would come together the alliance announced today, putting so-called conservatives and old-school parties on notice. Stating that voters want more substance and signalling that many individuals can change the moribund political landscape.

Its seen as imperative that Australian politics gets a clean out and that Parliament begins delivering tangible results to a broader base of the population.

The merged entity is seeking to broaden participation across the disenfranchised voters – who are unable or unwilling to perpetuate the Labor-Liberal and Coalition duopoly – that the members believe has stalled substantial improvement in the living conditions of Australians.  Also, malformed or neutered is the cultural evolution needed to address complex 21st-century challenges of economic, environmental and social equity.

Smashed Avocado Party founding leader Max Black says - “A single minor party will never challenge the two-party system. The only way we will ever see progressive change in this country is if we have the numbers to challenge the establishment itself. And the only way that will happen is if the minor parties of this country begin to work together.”

“The terms and purpose of this alliance will see both parties maximise their strengths. Smashed Avocado is one of the fastest growing parties in the country and can lean on its loud voice and ability to reach disaffected young people. AP can utilise its fantastic infrastructure and organisation.  We believe that an alliance to help each other serves us collectively."

Incoming Australian Progressives President Robert Knight says - "Working together, I am incredibly excited about the possibilities. I know that between us – we have what it takes to build a powerful grassroots political movement. The goal now is to smash political apathy in this country; we are to rally every decent, progressive, caring person in this nation and unify them into a movement and power base that has a chance to take on the LNP/Labor two-party duopoly.”



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Further comment Robert Knight [AP, President]
+61 +0421033549. 24/B Harpur Place, Garran, ACT, 2605

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